By now you are still wondering what The Pinnacle Circle is. If you are reading this it means two things, 1] Leg 1 of the game has completed, and 2] I am no longer with you. These were the conditions required to be met to release this introduction letter.
I come from a time of poverty, sadness and lack of technology. A time when we knew communication would explode, just not how. Dreaming of those future possibilities, lacking fun in my life; I dreamt of an idea, a game that could be played by a group of people around the world, all at the same time, and also a long form game that would last many years. This game is what I left behind for you all to find and explore.
I realized long ago that I lived life as a very lucky man. My parents brought me to America when I was 2 years old in 1933. We struggled, yet my life blossomed with hard work. I shared many great years with my wife and children, however they were all far too serious for games or any sort of what I was planning. I realized at the start of this that others do not always have the best life. I was surrounded by people who had been in bad situations and were not happy. I wanted to bring fun and happiness to people that did not have it. So I spent the free time of my life working on what I named, The Pinnacle Circle. I knew my idea would not last a day in my time, so I planned to start this game in a time when someone in one area of the world could tell someone on the other end of the planet about their discovery. I also knew, unfortunately, I would not live to see the day this was all possible. This gave me clarity, and time. Clarity to complete the game, and plan it out to its full potential, and time to find my Pinnacle Circle. My Pinnacle Circle would consist of 12 people with varying degrees of involvement. It took years, well into my 60s for me to find the members of The Pinnacle Circle. At least I died happy knowing the game as a whole, was passed on into good hands.
Over the years, I wrote the entirety of the game with enough to last 10 years, some precise and some loosely guided with various puzzles that could be combined with, more over, transitioned to technology that will not be present until after my death. Much of my enjoyment came from creating and producing what you Fringe members will know as artifacts. It was not easy hiding the piles of artifacts that I amassed over the years. These artifacts are in the hands of The Pinnacle Circle now, to be distributed and circulated as directed.
After decades of building this game, I retired from The Pinnacle Circle in the fall of 2003 due to health issues. It is ironic that I am writing this introduction now in 2005, my 75th year, to be my last contribution to the game as this will be the first thing you Fringe Circle members will read from me.
With that being said, this will not be the last time you hear from me as I have left many direct notes to the Fringe. So before this gets too long, I will wrap it up here. It has been my honor creating this game for you all.
Thank you for being a part of my dream, please enjoy, share kindness and most importantly, have fun.
Pio Corvi