The Pinnacle Circle Token

PINN Token Announcement

Welcome, our points system is changing. From this point forward, all game points awarded will be distributed in PINN Tokens, the official Crypto Currency of The Pinnacle Circle.

You will need a Hathor Wallet, which you can find HERE

To Register The Pinnacle Circle Token to your wallet, follow these directions

1) Open your hathor wallet

2) Go to "Register Token"

3) Scan the below QR Code, or Go to Manual info and enter the following Configuration String.

(Please Note: You only need the number string starting at the first 0 and ending in 9.

[The Pinnacle Circle:PINN:00000000c75799c7f40d7b973b9590aa6b751120369234f1dad6ff813b877250:eae4ee29]

Once this is done, you will be ready to accept PINN Tokens.

Can I buy PINN Tokens?


How can I earn PINN Tokens?

1) Please the inner circle

2) Win games

3) Win challeges 

4) Create Memes, Gifs or Images regading The Pinnacle Circle

5) Beg

6) Make offerings

7) Refer friends to play

What can you do with a PINN Token?

1) Nothing

2) Show your friends

3) Trade to other Fringe Circle members for toasters

4) Give them to charity (Good luck finding a charity to take them.)

5) Draw pictures of what you think they look like

6) Make others jealous of your stack

7) Stack more

What is the value of a PINN Token in CAD eh?


What is the value of a PINN Token in USD?


What are PINN Tokens backed with?

Toasters and Pio Corvi's slippers.

How many PINN Tokens are in citculation?

As of March of 2021 - 1,000

Will more PINN Tokens be minted?

Depending on liquidity, possibly

Disclamer: The Pinnacle Circle Token is not in any way to be treated as a currency, only a fun reward system for our game. PINN Tokens are not currency and should not be exchanged as such. PINN Tokens were created for the community and not for financial gain of the inner circle. Should you find yourself selling PINN Tokens on the black market, know that we will know, and that you will be punished.