ENTRY: On this page, please find the details of Game Theta

Game Theta is our largest and most complex game yet.

It is worth 500 points and also ends with Leg 1 of the Game as a whole. Leg 1 ends December 31st. With these details in mind, they have certain implications.

We currently have 6 main pointleads. These main pointleads may have an advantage in certain aspects of this game however this game levels the playing field for all players.

We promise you, no one will solve this until at the very earliest, mid-december, as there are elements to this game that are yet to be revealed. So not to worry Twiin, you have plenty of time to solve this.

New Elements will come soon and will be released one at a time. You will need the solutions from each element to solve Game Theta. Even when you do, it will not be easy.

Least but not last. The winner of Game Theta will be the winner of Leg 1. This is due to the amount of points only, not the particular game itself. The prize for this winner has been decided, yet not disclosed.

We would like to wish you all luck and thank you for playing the game. There is much, much more to come, so again, welcome to the game.

Thank you, [Pinnacle Circle]